+  2022-10-07 20:57

“That which can be destroyed by the #truth should be.”

— Kirien’s retort in “Seeker’s Mask” by Patricia C. Hodgell

 +  2022-07-26 08:52

“No higher commendation can be given any work of the human mind than to praise it for the measure of #truth it has achieved. By the same token, to criticize it adversely for its failure in this respect is to treat it with the seriousness that a serious work deserves.

Yet, in recent years, for the first time in Western history, there is a dwindling concern with this criterion of excellence.

Books win the plaudits of the critics and gain widespread popular attention almost to the extent that they flout the truth

— the more outrageously they do so, the better. Many readers, and most particularly those who review current publications, employ other standards for judging, and praising or condemning, the books they read — their novelty, their sensationalism, their seductiveness, their force,

and even their power to bemuse or befuddle the #mind.

But not their truth, their clarity, or their power to enlighten.”

“How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren

— Truth is one of the main reasons I’ve always been interested in realism and informativeness of my own #photography and, later, #filmmaking work since 1997.

 +  2022-05-06 17:16

–White lies are more important than Truth because… Emotional Intelligence
–EQ has low validity (low Truth), esp compared to #IQ and Big 5
–But we gotta smooth team politics!
–Ray Dalio, a billionaire, built his co with Truth as core principle… @elonmusk relies on physics #Truth

–Anatoly, I dislike you for telling me the truth!

 +  2021-12-25 06:22

Christmas dinner themed: if the people around the table accept you only when you’re lying, maybe it’s time to move over to another table with some other people? 😉

It’s a win-win for: 1) you; 2) the people who prefer sweet #lies; 3) the people who prefer to discuss the #truth.

 +  2021-07-27 20:12

What’s great about #postmodernist #relativism? Well, your physical and psychological #suffering and #death are not that bad. Those must be some theoretical social constructs, after all.

So cheer up! Everything is relative. It might be good. Who knows? No one. There is no #truth.

Also, any #debt you haven’t paid out in full? Maybe, #money is not real. Maybe, you are not real either. Maybe, my post that you’re reading is not real.

Maybe, it’s yellow. Or soft. Maybe I’m great and a rectangle with 30° angles. Why not? Nothing is #objective.

Also, #respect me. And give me likes. Because.

 +  2020-12-30 22:45

#Truth doesn’t care about our hopes, beliefs or ideologies.
Be prepared and content, or be surprised and #frustrated.

 +  2020-07-08 06:54

Most important natural resources for a country’s #success / stability: prevalence of #truth (no double standards, no #censorship, no lies), mutual trust (ability to work out & keep agreements), impartial legal system, respect / support of the weak (women, sick, disabled, elderly)

 +  2020-05-30 06:17

Who cares about #truth, #facts, or even feelings of other human beings… when you have your own, best, beautiful, beloved #emotions… within the safety of personal #boundaries and the pleasure of confirmation biases?

 +  2020-05-10 11:21

“The #strength of a person’s #spirit is measured by how much ‘#truth’ he can tolerate, or more precisely, to what extent he needs to have it diluted, disguised, sweetened, muted or falsified.”

― Friedrich #Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

 +  2018-01-22 16:07

“#Truth is a lonely, and unprofitable, #business.” – @naval Ravikant

As a #documentary #filmmaker, I have to agree. :/

 +  2017-11-27 13:30

Truth is one but the ways to #truth are many. Which way have you chosen?


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