+  2022-02-10 03:28

How to spot someone serious about #yoga? They:

• don’t go to a “studio” — they practice at home / #office / traveling… daily, wearing whatever or semi-naked (no “yoga” apparel)
• sit in siddhasana / padmasana casually “because it’s comfy” while talking / eating / typing

— optimize for #meditation, not circus acrobatics
• remain calm under stress
• feel more than the average (see, hear, smell)
• avoid popular #drugs like alcohol or tobacco and coping strategies like #shopping and eating

• don’t publish much about themselves on social media (no selfies, daily dishes etc.), but are fine to discuss personal weaknesses when asked
• work in a #profession they love, now, and not for #money, social or “godly” approval in after- or next life

 +  2022-02-01 11:08

I’ve always wondered: how does it feel to be an #Apple #macOS #dev

You can’t isolate yourself from the ‘official’ #bug reports, the ‘unofficial’, but vocal and public grudges on Twitter, about the character / emojis palette random misbehavior since, when, 2014?

Or can you? 🤔

Each morning, you enter the magnificent ring-office of a company making ≈100 BILLION USD of income YEARLY… sit down in a super-ergonomic #office chair in front of a decked-out, all in-house, state-of-the-art #ARM hardware,

open a rather impressive suite of dev tools and languages like #Swift… and… the bug (and public outrage) persists.

The loses in functionality with each iteration (like, hide tracks by keyword?!), your users can’t listen to the audiobooks playing fine in on their fancy #AppleWatch,

the still pales in comparison to #MacOS Classic spatial awareness.

How do feel? OK? Or #TimCook’s We’re So Excited™? Or do you Think Indifferent™?


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