+  2022-11-11 03:17

A thorough article describes the current decay of the Russian #cinema industry, from financing / co-production (Russia was expelled from @eurimages), to #casting and teams selection (on ideological merits),…

gear (un)availability (lighting rentals, #camera repair, makeup consumables) and post-production software limitations.

The #Russian cinemas we’d worked with are closed, many creatives and critics fled the country.

The remaining males wait for conscription while cleaning up their social profiles for any signs of anti-war (re)posts or Ukrainian insignia…

Roll the end-titles. 😕

 +  2022-08-28 09:13

If you’re interested in how badly the #Russian society broke — and you should be when your #tax money is spent — I recommend an excellent documentary by Andrey Loshak.…

Simple in form, it’s mostly dialogues of “normal” #families, disintegrating beyond the film’s title “Broken Ties”.

It’s very graciously uploaded to YouTube. Click on the CC button for subtitles.

You know, when the #USSR collapsed, I remember the USA sending “#humanitarian aid” to our school, in the form of canned ham and other non-perishables. This time around, maybe it’d be better to parachute squadrons of psychiatrists?

 +  2022-07-18 19:33

Impressive to watch such a hysterical Descent of Man. 

Despite decades of his “studies” of #Russian literature and totalitarianism, #JordanPeterson completely misunderstands what’s going on in Russia, NATO, rouble (un)currency, global economy… 🤦🏻‍♂️…

And uses a real war killing real people to talk about a “neomarxist postpodernism culture war” in the US and Canada. 🤯

Complètement à côté de la plaque.

He’s right about the:

• current West trend for race and gender to matter more than competency — how “female” or “non-hexadecimal” we feel today is more important than how good we are at a particular job

• famine in agriculturally-challenged countries

But that’s about it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

( For example, he talks about newly found UKRAINIAN gas reserves — I quote — “around the Caspian Sea”.

Hello?! geography 101?

And Peterson _reads_ his article for @dailywireplus , with ample time to double-check, that’s no oratory slip )

 +  2021-06-17 06:34

Uhm… so… I’m 41 and only now realized “adjective” has an “ad-” prefix which is almost the same as “при-” in “прилагательное” in #Russian, meaning, an addition to something, an attribute of something.

I’ve always struggled with this particular term in #English, but never in Russian, because my first lessons about the structure of natural languages were in Russian.

What a difference just 3-4 years of starting to learn something from scratch make, eh? 😮

 +  2020-03-27 06:00

Anyone else thinks #Nginx documentation is written in a weird style? Is that because Igor Sysoev is a #Russian -speaking #dev? 😂

“You can’t do this. You shouldn’t.” … “directive can be more complicated to use correctly” etc.?

 +  2016-11-25 16:55

“The most basic, rudimentary spiritual need of the #Russian people is the need for suffering, ever-present and unquenchable” — #Dostoyevsky

 +  2015-10-15 13:40

Damn, I’m loosing my #Russian #CoveOps craft. @ARRI_PCA shot me at #Canon Expo goofing around #C300MKII yesterday:

 +  2014-11-03 17:18

How do you know if #Americans genuinely/literally mean what they say:… … — found by accident… read till #Russian ref.


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