+  2023-04-04 10:41

As a civilization, we’d known about our impact on #climate since the 1950-60s. We’ve also continued to fail to agree on anything that would have prevented its negative impact… since the 1970s.

50 years later, the #IPCC reports, again, that nothing’s changed.

We will not limit anything. Too global, too second-order-effect-y, too greedy for a #human brain evolved for the micro-tribal life amid the African Great Lakes.

And the “individual #carbonFootprint responsibility” message of British Petroleum…

How’s that #cycling to work — 15 years in my case — or building a passive house, or [insert Green Tech™ here] of yours have changed the GtCO₂ graph?

Any realistic plans for your future, seriously?

 +  2022-09-08 23:21

It’s hard to imagine a worldview of #magic — flashing-talking boxes (that you must buy), loud flying canisters (that fall, and kill the passengers), unpredictable #human behaviors (that repeat, regularly) — and an inner soundscape filled by inner monologue and autotuned lyrics.

Things just happen. Words appear from nowhere. Autotune means nothing. A surface might be quartz, aluminum, or wool, but you don’t know the difference or whence it came.

Is it a world of a child? But without the #curiosity?

 +  2022-01-30 16:51

#AI generates random, non-existent faces that you won’t be able to distinguish from a real #human.

 +  2021-07-04 20:22

‘The Anglo-Saxon #UFO Bias’ is just one of the many delusions affecting the frail, “best effort”, non-deterministic #human #mind running of water, oxygen and glucose.

 +  2018-03-12 15:08

The 2nd most amazing property of #logic to me is the moment when a growing #human either learns to understand and use it… or fails and will never ever understand nor use it later on.

The chasm between logic-enabled and logic-disabled.

A learnable set. Non-#DNA (unlike taste).

 +  2016-04-27 13:37

#Human beings aren’t wired to be #comfortable. We’re wired to #work & take #action. 8 signs you’re doing it wrong:…

 +  2014-02-19 11:44

Isn’t it amazing that most #human perception — visual, auditory — is non-linear? Ever wondered why?


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