+  2023-04-04 10:41

As a civilization, we’d known about our impact on #climate since the 1950-60s. We’ve also continued to fail to agree on anything that would have prevented its negative impact… since the 1970s.

50 years later, the #IPCC reports, again, that nothing’s changed.

We will not limit anything. Too global, too second-order-effect-y, too greedy for a #human brain evolved for the micro-tribal life amid the African Great Lakes.

And the “individual #carbonFootprint responsibility” message of British Petroleum…

How’s that #cycling to work — 15 years in my case — or building a passive house, or [insert Green Tech™ here] of yours have changed the GtCO₂ graph?

Any realistic plans for your future, seriously?

 +  2013-11-06 18:08

Thanks to @SIDIAmerica for support on the road with best-fitting #cycling shoes (narrow sizes!) and on Twitter about

 +  2010-05-20 06:34

Awesome #video #journalism about #cycling grass-roots initiative in US Still a few people out there with the right ideas.

 +  2010-05-11 13:31

Testing Outdoor Research @ORGEAR Revel Cap… under Giro Atmos helmet for long #cycling under intense rain. Works so far.

 +  2010-03-08 14:06

I have to admit: #cycling into a 50 km/h headwind, in +1 C (w/o wind-chill factored in) temp, for more than 2 hours… is #depressing.

 +  2009-12-28 15:17

#Cycling the icy asphalt. Gloves open #Nalgene ATB… , smash against steerer tube. Lexan cap on the road. Stop. Fix. Works!

 +  2009-11-13 19:45

First #run after my #bronchitis outbreak. 10K to begin. Then #cycling. A driver tried to honk and squeeze me to death… Relaxing with #PHP.

 +  2009-11-04 14:07

Fuck! I got #bronchitis and I feel like crap. Worst: no more long #running or hard #cycling! #Frustrated gift of #civilization

 +  2009-07-15 04:42

#Cycling across borders: the asphalt difference between French roads and Swiss roads continues to amaze me.


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