+  2023-04-15 09:46

Facebook, who else… Just div-data it!

Way to go, semantic #HTML & clear #CSS

 +  2021-11-18 16:10

I like to imagine a #UI #design team conversation going something like this:

– Let’s make the main scroll bar 4 pixels wide.
– No, make it 2 pixels wide. And light gray.
– Perfect! body::scrollbar-width: 2px for
@DPDgroup_news parcel tracking

#iWillFindYou #CSS

 +  2021-09-04 10:47

Y’all asking “why would I like an #eternal life”?

To study what happened in a company with an annual revenue of 17 billion EUR, the process to imagine such a #UX. The cutie tiny truck saying “approaching” and… well… nothing else. For days.

Isn’t it fascinating?

2021. We’ve got hundreds of open-source #JS frameworks, #CSS frameworks, Electron, native apps’ APIs, a shit-ton of easy-to-use technologies and languages, OOP, FP, serverless, heck, even Cobol and #C

A team of 5 designers & #devs could cook up a snazzy #UI in 2 weeks without breaking a sweat.

But no. Even when @Kuehne_Nagel, founded in 1890, has billions of euros.

Why? What’s going on in those humans’ brains?

 +  2021-05-27 13:01

Brilliant graphic by Jeff Delaney / @fireship_dev that sums up the basics web designers and #programmers need to understand. But hey, it’s just a stack of abstraction upon abstraction, eh? Math and physics classes in school weren’t time wasted, after all?

Personally, I often cheat and skip the TypeScript and Framework layers sometimes. 😋

But hey, you gotta make a bit of mental space for SQL, HTML, SVG, #CSS, #branding and the easy-peasy interactive graphic #design. 🤷🏻‍♂️

 +  2019-11-14 15:01

Jaw-dropping pure #CSS:

 +  2013-10-03 03:55

It doesn’t seem like #CSS 3 was developed by designers. Vertical align? Kerning? We need CSS 4 inspired by InDesign / Interface Builder.

 +  2013-05-30 09:48

Fuck. @Microsoft “has removed custom #CSS @Skype chat styles to ensure” grey text on grey background “consistency across their clients”.

 +  2012-01-26 23:32

Great news! @SoundCloud has switched from #Flash to #HTML5. Works good so far. I like how the playhead div changes #CSS width in real time.

 +  2010-07-27 12:15

My latest #Swiss #design. Using Swiss grids. For a Swiss company. In Russian: Hand-coded #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, #PHP.


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