+  2021-08-28 06:17

“Creativity, the biggest determiner of #successful #executives, is killed in the #junior ranks. Maintenance of predetermined procedures is emphasized. This is how you end up with managers and not leaders.

You have a senior leadership that knows all the paperwork but cannot understand a problem and how to solve it.”

#Risk and #creativity. Again

I’m seeing how the mediocre teachers all over the planet install fear and disbelief in our kids’ capacity to create, very early in school

And so, we get excellent line #producers in #cinema (instead of executive risk-takers), excellent mid-level programmers in #IT (instead of non-conforming inventors), great shop-floor managers in #Amazon warehouses (instead of big-picture leaders)…

All gradually replaced by instructions-following #automation. 😕

Now, if you think even larger and recall that the #scientific method requires an ability to invent a good explanation of a phenomenon (versus the “read from Mother #Nature’s Book” for an induction from experience),

you get… people who make robots vs anti-vaxxers and flat-Earthers.

Same patterns on all levels.

 +  2021-06-16 02:47

Socioeconomic development — #wealth generation / distribution, democratic institutions, gender equality, incentives towards #creativity, artistic and scientific discovery — are linked with a broad syndrome of distinctive value orientations.

A model by Inglehart and Welzel asserts 2 dimensions of cross-cultural variation in the world:

1) Traditional values versus Secular-rational values
2) Survival values versus Self-expression values

 +  2020-10-13 19:38

What we lack is not the artificial equality of outcome or the quick hacks towards “#innovation” or “#creativity”. What we need is dedication, determination, purpose, discipline, patience and intellectual consistency.

 +  2020-06-29 20:58

Once re-opened, the #cinema theaters’ antiviral fogging machines, reduced capacity and increased staffing will also push ticket prices into 40 EUR territory. The traditional, egalitarian cinema exhibition is most probably doomed, its fate only precipitated by Covid-19.

But the collapse of old business models should unleash a new wave of #creativity in #film. That’s where we, as filmmakers, come in.…

 +  2020-06-03 10:47

Do you know someone eaten by the #money machine? Were they close? Why do you think it happened?

“What does the money machine eat? It eats youth, #spontaneity, life, beauty and, above all, it eats #creativity. It eats quality and shits out quantity.”
― William S. Burroughs

 +  2013-09-17 03:35

The Death of #Imagination. A thought-provoking text by @DavePollard on #creativity, #innovation, #art and consumerism…

 +  2013-09-13 04:24

A good up-to-date 21 minutes overview of why we #sleep and why sleep is necessary for mental #health and #creativity:…

 +  2013-05-17 06:29

#Creativity depends on the association of remote ideas. That’s why the implementation of ideals and methods of the #polymath is so important

 +  2010-12-21 13:25

If you’re a #creative looking for #work / #health / socializing balance, remember that equilibrium seldom leads to change and #creativity.

 +  2010-05-13 09:28

A must see (and assess) talk about the Why, the How and the What of #dreams, #values, #creativity and #marketing:…


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