+  2023-02-03 13:55

“In wartime, the State seeks to destroy its own #culture — in times of #conflict, authentic culture is subversive. As the cause championed by the State comes to define national identity, as the myth of war entices a #Nation to glory and sacrifice,

those who question the value of the cause and the veracity of the myths are branded internal enemies.

Art takes on a new significance in wartime. War and the nationalist myth that fuels it are the purveyors of low culture—folklore, quasi-historical dramas, kitsch, sentimental doggerel, and theater and film that portray the glory of soldiers in past wars

or current wars dying nobly for the homeland.

This is why so little of what moves us during wartime has any currency once #war is over.

The songs, books, poems, and #films that arouse us in war are awkward and embarrassing when the conflict ends, useful only to summon up the #nostalgia of war’s comradeship.”

“War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” by Chris Hedges

 +  2022-07-25 12:02

The observable universe is a sphere of 93 billion light years in diameter. Our Universe contains 200 billion trillion stars (with their planets)

And yet, people are against a “World Government” for a puny rock that you can fly around under 45 hrs in a standard passenger aircraft

Let’s subdivide rapidly warming deserts into #Dunbar-number-compatible parcels, all with their own flags, passport controls, armies, ball-on-the-grass teams and One True #God™.

Have you ever imagined a “#conflict” dealt as a local psychiatric emergency, not some underpaid war-as-a-hobby? Wanna work in France? No work visa required, just pack your stuff.

Yes, your certificate of 10-years practice of industrial architecture or dental implants is valid in Alaska. And Australia. And Andorra.

Yes, we have a working model of that in #Switzerland. In 4 languages and with different fiscal policies.

But… honestly, who wants an easy life of exciting stuff to do every day wherever you feel like? Really?

Actions speak better than New Years’s Eve resolutions. 8 billion annually.

So, here’s your #export declaration form for the pair of socks, look it up in the Harmonized Tariff table. And change your avatar’s flag to the war du jour.

 +  2020-06-20 11:25

Talking — to others, to yourself — takes #courage. It takes even more courage to talk through and negotiate #conflict, inside yourself and outside with others.

If you remain silent — guess what’s lacking?


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