+  2023-04-25 18:55

The world becomes polarizingly #harmonized: very ugly vs very stylish.

Homelessness vs gated #architecture, obesity vs insta-models, emotion-outraged vs #IQ-acted.

An example? Walton-on-Thames in the UK, a Hale Road from Roxburgh Street, 1950s and 2023. Or ask me about Moscow……

#Brazil’s São Paulo in 2004. Left: the Paraisópolis #favela. Right: the Penthouse tower in the #rich neighborhood of Morumbí.

 +  2022-05-06 17:16

–White lies are more important than Truth because… Emotional Intelligence
–EQ has low validity (low Truth), esp compared to #IQ and Big 5
–But we gotta smooth team politics!
–Ray Dalio, a billionaire, built his co with Truth as core principle… @elonmusk relies on physics #Truth

–Anatoly, I dislike you for telling me the truth!

 +  2022-03-29 08:09

I’ve been wondering about indirect IQ measurements. One of them, is… #smoking. Yes, people still smoke #tobacco in 2022. A lot of people. 🤢

Cigarette smokers have lower IQs than non-smokers, and the more a person smokes, the lower their #IQ.

For example, this study of over 20 000 Israeli military recruits.

And for the Believers in #Emotional Intelligence™ #pseudoscience, consider the phenomenon of “social smoking” and “smoking while drinking”.…

 +  2022-01-28 08:16

One of the most radical books I’ve read in a while. Recommended for anyone with special talents, such as an #IQ over 125, #artistic abilities and other high-functioning #neurodivergence traits… AKA #nerds.

“How to Handle Neurotypicals” by Abel Abelson.

 +  2021-11-05 18:41

Has it dismayed you as well to hear the stereotypical “weak #female upper torso” argument of “I need a man to open a jar”? When all you need is a flat screwdriver or equivalent to slightly bend the screw-on lid and breach the air seal?

This is a #curiosity and #IQ problem.

Not a brute #force problem, in my opinion. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Oh, and, by the way, the grip force to generate torque required to open most jars can be trained in human females in 4-8 months. YouTube female #climbers and #crossFit athletes for concrete examples. 🙄

 +  2021-05-01 17:46

Predicting #Job Performance — Hunter 1984

correlation coefficients (higher=better)

• #IQ test score:  +0.53
• Biographical data:  +0.37
• Reference checks: +0.26
• Education: +0.22
• Interview: +0.14
• College grades: +0.11
• Interest for the job:  +0.10
• Age: -0.01


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