+  2023-03-23 08:14

What were you doing in the 1980s? Maybe not you, yet, but your parents? Even grandparents?

That was the decade we could have agreed to stop #climateChange. And we almost did… The year is 2023, and we still haven’t done much. 40 years of talking.…

 +  2022-01-23 20:06

Let’s talk about #climateChange. Is it really #climate? Is it really changing? Are you sure? We’ll talk some more. And sign some memoranda of understanding. But wait, we need to really make sure. Let’s get back to this some time next decade. And talk it over again.

 +  2021-06-26 03:19

Most #disasters are man-made.

One of the endless wars and “armed conflicts”. Chernobyl. 2008 financial collapse. Covid-19 pandemic. #ClimateChange. And, yes, even your failed #relationships or persistent high blood pressure. 😕

Doesn’t it seem to you that we humans LOVE creating problems out of nowhere and then attempt to solve them with great pain and effort? Is that the #meaning of our lives we hate and fear to admit? 🤔

 +  2021-06-22 22:44

The LAND surface temperature +35°C across Siberia on June 21. +48°C in Verkhojansk, 43°C in Govorovo, +37°C in Saskylah (highest value since 1936)

But hey, #permafrost releasing even more CO2 is fine? Don’t you all love it when life is full of exciting #climateChange extremes?😍

( Yes, I have deliberately simplified #permafrost melt and ensuing carbon release… it’s not technically just #CO2, but something more understandable, I hope, in principle.

Have a read on Wikipedia for more complete explanation:… )

 +  2020-06-29 13:07

Nice, a city in the south of France (yeah, the airport to get to the Cannes festival), has just gone from +29°C to +35°C… in 20 minutes! Yet another record for the kids asking why we did nothing to stop #ClimateChange.

 +  2016-09-15 05:22

For those still #skeptical about #climateChange, something visual from @NASA —and yeah, a few degrees is a BIG deal:


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