by Anatoly IVANOV


It is my pleasure to unveil the version 3 of my web site.


As of today, version 3 presents 11 years of photographic work, 8 years of print and web design, and even 3 years of my early paintings, the earliest dating from 1994.

My web site shows 13 years of research in visual arts, writing and design… and counting!


Version 3 is a major overhaul. Although I have preserved the essence of my previous web site, the new version brings new design and tons of fresh content. The XHTML / CSS / JavaScript / PHP / SQL code is totally new.

Version 3 is bigger, simpler and user-friendlier. Yet, it remains unconventional, minimal and colorful.


My web site is still in 3 languages, so the HOME section is the landing page for each language version. Its benefit statement briefly explains what I do and how I can help.

The design remains almost unchanged, so people looking at their 2003 edition of Taschen’s “1000 Favorite Websites” won’t feel lost.


The ex-PICTURES section. I hope old-time visitors will forgive me: the garbage bins had to go. Reason: not enough garbage bins!

So a new photomontage brings 10 permanent galleries, 1 recent gallery and a link to the future archives.

The PHOTOGRAPHY section filters a common pool of photographs by image subject, image use type and image freshness.

I work with different clients. Some ask to see my portraits portfolio. Others request my advertising portfolio. But a portrait shot for an advertising campaign can go into both portfolios. So please expect some overlap if you click through all galleries.

The mixture gallery is a good introduction to my photography: it mixes a bit of everything.


Totally new, the DESIGN section also filters a common pool of projects by media, use and freshness.

I have been designing for web, print and projection media since 1999. Most of my design projects intermingle photography and design. For a historical perspective on how I started in design, please read the history part of my artist statement. For practical information, read about my art direction and design services.


A new section that you might label as my blog, although I see it more as a publishing platform for my essays, reviews, interviews and news.

I have been secretly typing away through all these years, publishing my first mass media article in 2001. I will now concentrate these texts here and continue to add new ones. Find out more about the prose section, or read about my press articles’ service.

The previous version’s LINKS section has become a… LINKS post genre in the PROSE section. And its design has moved to the… DESIGN section.

Subscribe to PROSE RSS or visit this section as often as you like to stay up to date on my latest pictures and projects.


Also new, the CLIENTS section describes my work for a selection of clients. A place to learn about my projects from a more practical, start to finish, goal to result, perspective. It includes representative case studies of my photography only, cross-media and press projects.


New as well, the SERVICES section lists and describes the services I offer to my clients. It also explains my main differences.

I am versatile by nature (my mother), so I like to do a lot of things. But I have also inherited the need for in-depthness and professionalism (my father). Result: I do as many things as I can, as best as I can. In practice, I had to limit myself to creative work only, so I can sustain high quality.


A long-requested section, METHODS explain my workflow, pricing and legal terms and conditions. Read through these texts for concrete answers to practical questions.


A relic from the version 2, this section now shows an updated Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde diptych.

Russian culture is about contradictory extremes: minimalismmaximalism, east-west, tranquility-uproar, ying-yang.

Totally new are my artist statement, exhaustive curriculum vitae, interviews and critique, as well as awards and recognition.

The section also includes the much-requested portraits and auto-portraits of myself. Including a rarissime black and white photograph of the author, by the author. Yes, I shot black and white in the past. Hard to believe, eh?

I will scan and add more photographs to this section in the future. If you happen to own a picture with me in it, please do send it in for everyone’s delight.


A well-preserved CONTACT section, augmented with all the recent niceties. E-mail, cell phone, skype phone, LinkedIn, FaceBook, MySpace… Choose your weapon.

Cell phone is the surest.

I spam-sieve, so some well-intentioned e-mails, very occasionally, end up in the spam basket. Please forgive me – I receive over 160 spam e-mails a day, filtered with a 98.5% success rate. The longer the subject and content of your e-mail, the lower the risk of a false negative.

I move around a lot, so if you wish to send me a snail mail, please contact me beforehand for my current postal address.


A less apparent section, the new DIGITAL RETOUCHING portfolio showcases my Photoshop work. It contains images by other photographers only, as I seldom retouch my own pictures. But if you need some serious photoshopping, I can do it for you.


Due to popular demand, my web site now features my early PAINTING AND DRAWING. I have completely switched to photography in 1997, but people like to have a look at my artistic foundations.


For general feedback about the new web site, you can add your comments to this post or contact me by any other means.

For typos, errors, abnormalities and bugs, please comment in a dedicated beta feedback post.

I really appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll enjoy the new version of my web site.



Find out more about my posting and comments policy, as well as publishing frequency and copyright issues.

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