I specialize in opinionated, subjective journalism. I mix facts and analysis with personal experiences, opinions, thoughts and feelings. My articles intend to help with choice and judgment. If I can have the space, I prefer an in-depth feature grounded in thorough research to a 3-paragraph stab.

Although I shun impartiality, neutrality and objectivity, I write with honesty, truth, and accuracy.

I write about things I know: art theory, photography, 2D and 3D art, literature, performing art, music, design, ego and society, sport, technology, business and logistics.


I often review products and services in press. Whether I buy a product or a company gives it to me for review, I state my opinion, positive or negative. My readers know I do not throw words around lightly. As a result, when I advise something, they know it should be exceptionally good.

Brand loyalty? I can praise one product and disapprove another, from the same manufacturer. Sometimes, if I feel a product really does not work, I prefer not to review it. But I believe the company will do better next time and share my thoughts on how to improve.


I first wrote a long story when I was 11, back in 1991. It was a personal initiative to over-deliver on Russian language homework at school. The story was good… for my age. Our teacher spent an hour reading it to the class.

I never finished an 8 000-word sequel in 1994 and, instead, concentrated on short stories. I wrote the first one in English in 1996.

While still in Moscow, I perfected my English reading Kerouac and passed final school exams with Platonov and Mayakovsky for literature tests themes. Later in Paris, I strengthened my French writing marketing materials and debating art with the local bohemians.

In 2001 I published my first technical article on Photographer.Ru. Ever since, I have been writing for the photography and outdoor sports press. My articles in English, French and Russian appeared both on-line and off-line. In addition to traditional mass media, I publish my essays, articles, reviews and interviews on my site as well.

Read through some of my past articles and commission a new one on the theme of your choice.


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