For 25 years, amusingly since the same time I started as a professional photographer, the events in my life have been frequently reminding me of how easy it is to die. I quickly understood that my life and my talent had not been given to me to fool around carelessly. And that I had a responsibility for what I do with my talent.

So I have been living my life in such a way that every time I face death or think about it, I feel happy and agreed with how I have spent my life till that point.

I don’t want to regret mediocrity and compromise. I want to know that I have done only things I felt passionate about, that I have lived full throttle, as best as I could, that I have used all potential I had, striving for excellence every second, in everything I have done.

This very personal life principle underlies my total commitment to quality. In photography, design, writing, business, philosophy, running, climbing, lacing shoes… or just doing nothing and spending quality time with myself.


Beauty and harmony are of utmost importance to me. I search for color, minimalism, elegance and precision in aesthetics. In design, I believe form and function complement and enhance each other. Elegant function looks beautiful.

Take a look at my photography or design portfolios to appreciate the aesthetical quality of my work, or read some of my prose to taste my writing style.


Precise technique empowers precise realization of aesthetical vision.

I seek the best photography equipment available for the project. It may be a top of the line digital SLR or a smallish point-and-shoot camera filled with professional slide film. I look for the best balance of optical and digital resolution, contrast and color. My experience with digital retouching and color management allow me tight control over how things look. Sample the quality of my images in my photography portfolio on-line or appreciate some of my fine art prints off-line.

I design print projects with a precision of tenth of millimeter. I strive for accurate type. I have learned the specifics of prepress and frequently go on the presses to run a job. I ensure faithful color reproduction and exact cropping, folding and stitching. Thanks to my mastery of XHTML and CSS, I can design web sites with a precision of 1 pixel. I code to W3C web and accessibility standards and enjoy writing elegant and readable code. Take a look at my print and web design portfolios.

My continuous study of Russian, English and French since age 6 has inspired me respect and admiration for these beautiful languages. I work on my style and spell check my writing even when I send e-mails or post on web forums. Read some of my prose.


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