My versatility distinguishes myself from competition and adds unique value to solutions I offer. I do several distinct but complementary things, and I do all of them well.


I am at the same time an experienced film director, an accomplished motion and still photographer, an unorthodox film editor, an expert art director / designer and a talented author / copywriter / journalist.

As a photographer, I master both traditional and digital technologies. I can work with any camera equipment. I can’t remember myself without a computer and have an extensive experience in digital retouching.

As an art director / designer, I use my knowledge of identity systems, graphic design, information architecture, ergonomics, web programming and offset printing to create effective and stunning designs.

As an author / copywriter / journalist, I write one-sentence advertising copy, in-depth technical reviews and philosophical essays.

Often, I do everything myself. I create photographs and write text that I then use in my designs. My one-stop solutions create additional value, cut the time needed to manage multiple providers and reduce overall spending. I use my small size to your advantage. I propose the same services and infrastructure as an advertising agency, without the overhead. Additionally, I offer discounts for long-term, cross-media projects. Enjoy unique photography, text and design, all created specifically for your needs, at lower cost and with personal attention from me. Take a look at some of my cross-media projects and contact me for a quote.


I generalize in subjects. I specialize in vision and style. Whatever the subject, my pictures, designs and texts will impress, sell and inform.

I have photographed climbers, restaurants, cars, CEOs, buildings, runners, landscapes, DJs, ships, non-profits, artists, telephone booths, planes, lamps, fashion… Day and night, any weather, any place on Earth. See for yourself: browse through my photography portfolio.

I am always eager to shoot new subjects I have never shot before. But I jump in prepared: I always thoroughly research the subject before the shoot even starts.

My designs span across various media and help clients to overcome diverse business challenges. Take a look at the wide spectrum of my design work.

My texts cover a large number of subjects. Read some of my prose.


I work equally well for advertising, editorial and art markets.


I work on projects for industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, architecture, fashion, tourism, computers, cosmetics, transportation, fine art, entertainment, business consulting, industrial design, music, international organizations, museums, interior decoration, medical, food, and sports.

I genuinely marvel at the variety of human activity and look forward to learning and working for clients in industries that are new to me.


I result from a mix of Russian, French, Swiss and American cultures.

I have lived in Russia, France, USA and Switzerland. I first traveled at the age of 4 months and continue to do so ever since, throughout the world.

I speak and write informal, business, technical, legal and lyrical English, French and Russian.


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