by Anatoly IVANOV


The UK General Election shows us, yet again, and unlike in the EU Referendum, without any remaining doubt, that the populations most at risk vote for their own masochistic downfall.

The people who stand to lose the most from the complete dismantlement of government health insurance, labor and environmental standards, from governing incompetence, lies, sociopathy, racism and extremism. The people who will never benefit from the increase of tax breaks for businesses and the wealthy.

This is nowhere near individual rational behavior of self-preservation. And even farther away from the delirium of optimum economic agent behavior imagined by most mainstream macroeconomic theories.

This is, however, a perfect and recurring illustration of how the majority of humans fail to think logically and critically, how they struggle to connect cause and effect, how emotions cancel out even short-term planning of their own well-being.

It’s the obese type 2 diabetic voter getting drunk on this Friday to celebrate Tory victory. It’s the Stanford marshmallow experiment and a ton of other human psychology findings … to the power of 3, when taking in account social dynamics across the globe.

Add to that decades-long intentional failure of the school systems, with few exceptions, worldwide. The push for what-to-think instead of how-to-think, the No Child Left Behind policies, the domination of gender studies vs hard sciences on college campuses and the return of twisted religiosity to kill any nascent ability of young humans to think systemically.

So, what’s coming near and long-term?

In my opinion, after “Brexit gets done”, Scotland will secede from the UK and remain in the EU. Northern Ireland will revert to bloody in-fighting.

Trump’s impeachment in the US will either fail or will make him even stronger.

Trump will then get re-elected in 2020. By the struggling and shrinking middle and worker class.

The UK will spend 20 years trying and failing to negotiate A DEAL. What deal? There is no business sense to work towards a deal with the UK. BMW and Airbus will repatriate their business to the EU mainland.

Catalonia will secede from Spain.

No pan-planetary mechanisms for climate change will be created. The Gretas’ of the world will continue their tour of World Forums in vain. The US, China and fragmented EU won’t agree on anything other than a ban on plastic packaging or the exact wording of “ecocide”… in 2050.

India, Brazil, OPEC-countries, Russia? They’ll continue chasing illusory “foreign agents” for burning their forests and conjuring destructive weather in Pentagon’s secret labs.

All the while, technology and physics won’t care for the pitfalls of human stupidity.

Mega-corporations will replace truckers, retailers, call-centers and other “non-creative” jobs without asking for permission from anyone. Ironically, their best customers will be those most impacted by automation.

The global climate change will accelerate past the point of no-return.

Can the medieval-like, local city-states solve the problems of global extreme weather and food production break-down? The unlivable, searing temperatures, 200 km/h winds, lost crops and floods?

What about the arrival of 1.25 billion people from Africa, 1.2 billion of Indians and other populations who have absolutely nothing to lose in their +60 C deserts? Will they have enough bullets and walls, oh the beautiful walls of Colorado?

I’d be more than happy to be proved wrong.

Till then, it seems like every man for himself till the bitter end of human civilization.



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