by Anatoly IVANOV



Bicycle touring is a great way to travel and (re)discover places:

Bicycle touring on a folding bike is even better, because it allows:

Of course, appropriate gear can make the experience much more enjoyable, so I include my very detailed and very personal bike touring gear list. It might give you a different perspective, or it might even suggest an idea or two.


When touring on good asphalt roads anywhere in the world, I choose the Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro. It rides like a top of the range road bike, yet still folds into a bag I can carry on my shoulder.


Photo: current Anatoly IVANOV’s unfolded Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro loaded for self-sufficient touring (with lights, GPS, bottle, fenders, Tubus Airy rack, Ortlieb Back Roller Plus panniers)


Photo: current Anatoly IVANOV’s unfolded Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro (with lights, GPS, bottle, fenders, Tubus Airy customized titanium rack)


Photo: current Anatoly IVANOV’s folded Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro (without accessories, folds the same with the rack)

If you’d like to find out more about my bike and understand the selection process, read my detailed description of its components and modifications. But here, let’s focus on the touring gear and techniques that work with this folding bike.



As you may know, I’m a professional photographer, shooting a lot of landscapes. I’ve tried various transport solutions and techniques and I’ve found that for me, cycling is too fast to really focus on photography. Walking is better.

So, when bike touring, I rely on my iPhone to record an occasional place I may find interesting. A reference for a future shoot. But I leave the 11 kg of my photography equipment at home.



1 876 g

Clothing worn

Mavic Espoir cycling jersey size M (SS 2009)
  • thin, short-sleeved, polyester, quick-drying
  • starts to stink after 2 days of riding
  • red for high visibility
178 g 1 178 g
ASSOS T Fi.Uno S5 cycling chamois shorts size M (SS 2009)
  • most comfortable shorts I could find
  • does not stink, but washing the chamois insert increases comfort
  • red for high visibility
195 g 1 195 g
pair of ASSOS Summer Gloves size M (SS 2008)
  • half-gloves
  • protects the palms from abrasion during falls
  • sweat wipes
  • red for high visibility
33 g 1 33 g
pair of Patagonia Ultra Lightweight Endurance Ankle socks size L (SS 2008)
  • thin, merino wool and nylon
26 g 1 26 g
pair of Sidi Dominator 5 Narrow size 46 EUR with Shimano SPD cleats (SS 2008)
  • sufficiently stiff for pedaling efficiency
  • suitable for walking in the supermarkets, toilets, restaurants and off-road (unlike road cycling shoes)
  • the only MTB shoe sized specifically for my narrow but long feet
873 g 1 873 g
Sub-totals 1 305 g

Watch, sunglasses, helmet

Suunto t6c wristop sports computer (SS 2010)
  • just the watch I wear all the time
  • I don’t measure my heart rate when touring
52 g 1 52 g
Rudy Project Freeon frame (AW 2003) with anti-drop cordelette
  • maximum field of view
18 g 1 18 g
Rudy Project Freeon LE8210 smoke black lens (SS 2005)
  • for riding in sunny weather
  • eye-protection from wind, insects, glare, UV
13 g 1 13 g
Giro Atmos, size M (AW 2007)
  • so comfortable, light and ventilated, I forget it’s on my head
  • always on, including super hot days and hard climbs – taking this helmet off does not make any difference to me
290 g 1 290 g
Sub-totals 373 g

IDs, money, bike lock key

passport   30 g 1 30 g
European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)   5 g 1 5 g
emergency card (contacts, medical, allergies)   1 g 1 1 g
VISA debit card
  • I have zero debt and avoid any forms of credit
  • I pay with my VISA cards whenever possible: lighter, faster, easier outside my home Euro zone and allows tracking of expenses
  • includes worldwide health insurance, fraud protection, legal services
4 g 2 8 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • waterproof (sweat, rain), transparent (easy access to choose the items inside), compact, ultralight
  • stored in cycling jersey back pocket
6 g 1 6 g
Abus Aqua Safe 70IB padlock key (AW 2009)
  • for the bike lock
7 g 1 7 g
Sub-totals 57 g

Phone, camera, music player and computer

Apple iPhone 3GS 32 Gb
  • phone, SMS, Skype, e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Word, Excel, bank accounts’ management, calendar, address book, Wikipedia, FTP and remote web programming, grammar references, weather, travel booking, back-up GPS, music, e-books, camera
  • kept in Airplane Mode to conserve battery power – I don’t answer calls when riding anyway
135 g 1 135 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • waterproof (sweat, rain), transparent (the iPhone touchscreen interface works through the plastic), compact, ultralight
  • stored in cycling jersey back pocket
6 g 1 6 g
Sub-totals 141 g


11 912 g

2.1 / Rear panniers – Container bags

1 540 g


Ortlieb Back-Roller Plus 20 L (with custom Tyvek inserts, with shoulder strap) (SS 2010)
  • waterproof, relatively lightweight
  • instantaneous on-off carrier attachment system (pull up by the handles to unclip)
  • extra room for food and items to remove from the bike when folding and locking (GPS)
  • angled and placed for heel clearance – I have big feet
  • red for high visibility
  • I’ve removed the Ortlieb nylon inside organizers and have covered the inside plastic bolt heads with Tyvek to protect items from continuous friction-induced abrasion while riding
  • I carry the 2 panniers on one shoulder and the folded bike (in a bag as well or carried by the frame) on the other shoulder, which allows movement in public transport, supermarkets, restaurants or other places where bikes are not allowed or require reservation or a fee
770 g 2 1 540 g
Sub-totals 1 540 g

2.2 / Rear panniers – Items – Take along

1 590 g
  • carried by the container handle
  • with me at the restaurant table, in the toilets, museums
  • things to recharge (iPhone, AA batteries)
  • essential stuff if everything else is stolen

Take along items container

Granite Gear Air Zip sack size XS (SS 2004 & SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sil-nylon, water-repellent, cuboid, zippered bag for frequent access
34 g 1 34 g
Sub-totals 34 g

Medication, first aid and survival – dry

my personal medication
  • either requiring a prescription or unavailable outside of France / Switzerland (my home countries)
350 g 1 350 g
Onto MT1681 electronic body temperature thermometer in plastic case (SS 2010)
  • important self-diagnostics tool
  • does not contain mercury
  • shatter-proof
24 g 1 24 g
Merfen – Chlorhexidine-based liquid antiseptic – Novartis – 15 ml
  • non-emergency-room bike accidents usually result in skin abrasion (road rash), which I fist flush with drinking water, then disinfect, then allow to dry (often by the wind when riding), then cover with a wound dressing (especially before showering or going to bed)
24 g 1 24 g
3M Tegaderm + Pad in different sizes
  • professional, sterile wound dressing consisting of a non-adherent absorbent pad, bonded to a larger, thin film backing coated with a border of hypoallergenic, water-repellent adhesive
  • the backing is water- and bacteria-proof, but allows the skin to breathe
20 g 1 20 g
La Roche-Posay Ceralip lip repair cream 15 ml
  • to compensate for wind-induced lip dryness
  • lip repair only, no fancy UV blockers or other cosmetics
19 g 1 19 g
Nogent nail clipper
  • nail clipping
  • other cutting
16 g 1 16 g
Nogent tweezers
  • foreign object removal from the body (eyes, mouth, wounds)
  • repairs (picking tiny objects)
6 g 1 6 g
Prym KAI 5100 Pro embroidery scissors 10 cm inox
  • straight-blade, high-quality, stainless steel scissors for repairs
10 g 1 10 g
BiC Mini lighter
  • synthetics melting when repairing
  • emergency fire starting
12 g 1 12 g
storm matches in waterproof bag
  • backup for when the lighter fails
3 g 1 3 g
Coghlan’s Featherweight Mirror (unbreakable acrylic) (AW 2004)
  • apply suncream
  • extract foreign objects from the eyes and mouth
  • signaling device: peer through the hanging hole to reflect sunlight to rescuers
20 g 1 20 g
ACR Emergency pealess whistle (AW 2004)
  • signaling device, much more efficient than screaming
  • very loud, developed for the US Navy
  • prevents holding water
  • ultralight, flat and compact
5 g 1 5 g
Air Core 1 Spectra Accessory Cord 15 m roll inside container (AW 2004)
  • ultralight and very strong cord
  • hanging, tying, repairing
13 g 1 13 g
Apple iPhone 3GS SIM card extractor pin
  • allows to change the SIM card in each country and avoid roaming costs
1 g 1 1 g
Granite Gear Air Pocket size L (SS 2004 & SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sil-nylon, water-repellent, flat, zippered bag for frequent access
24 g 1 24 g
Sub-totals 547 g

Hygiene and eating utensils – wet

Oral-B Essential Floss waxed 50 m
  • large quantity: I use it after each meal
  • the only floss that’s thin enough to work between my close-spaced teeth
13 g 2 26 g
toothbrush, 15,5 cm handle
  • soft, ergonomic head toothbrush
  • handle cut to allow sufficient control yet reduce packing size
10 g 1 10 g
Colgate Total toothpaste 75 ml
  • I brush my teeth at least twice a day, sometimes more often, so toothpaste goes away fast
105 g 1 105 g
Vargo titanium spork (AW 2004)
  • universal eating tool that combines a fork and a spoon
  • ultralight
  • no aluminum leaching
  • especially useful for supermarket food
15 g 1 15 g
Granite Gear Air Pocket size S (SS 2004 & SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sil-nylon, water-repellent, flat, zippered bag for frequent access
16 g 1 16 g
Sub-totals 172 g


Kleenex wipe (1 sheet)   2 g 10 21 g
Swiss Clean isopropyl alcohol wipe in sealed container
  • sterilizing
  • cleaning greasy surfaces (bike parts, hands)
  • removing alcohol-based ink (permanent markers)
7 g 10 66 g
Granite Gear Air Pocket size S (SS 2004 & SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sil-nylon, water-repellent, flat, zippered bag for frequent access
16 g 1 16 g
Sub-totals 103 g

Battery charging, headphones, USB storage, sleep accessories, notes, keys, cash

iPhone USB / outlet charger with European plug v2   27 g 1 27 g
iPhone USB main cable   21 g 1 21 g
USB 2 cable 3 m
  • to extend the reach to a power socket
103 g 1 103 g
Tesa Velcro Cable Manager, Small, 12 mm x 20 cm (SS 2010)   2 g 1 2 g
GP PowerBank GPPB03GS Travel (SS 2009)
  • the smallest and lightest AA and AAA battery charger I’ve found that does not require a bulky transformer unit
  • can charge 1 to 4 AAs, or 1 to 2 AAAs
105 g 1 105 g
Rechargeable NiMH AA battery (2700 mAh) – GP
  • fresh set of 2 AAs in case I have no opportunity to recharge the AAs inside the GPS during the day or at night
30 g 2 60 g
standard AC/DC cord 1,5 m   77 g 1 77 g
Tesa Velcro Cable Manager, Small, 12 mm x 20 cm (SS 2010)   2 g 1 2 g
3-socket international multi-plug (Anatoly IVANOV design)
  • a very compact and light 3-plug that can power the iPhone, AA charger and beard trimmer at the same time, from 1 socket
  • I charge the GPS AAs and the iPhone every time I’m near a power socket for 5 minutes or more (restaurants, campsites, hotels, trains, bike stores, etc.)
58 g 1 58 g
Etymotic Research hf2 headphones (SS 2009)
  • very high-quality, neutral spectral rendition, noise isolating in-ear headphones
  • ultralight and very compact
  • I listen to music in trains, camps, hotels – never when riding
  • contains a microphone for phone / Skype calls
15 g 1 15 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • to contain and protect the headphones
  • to avoid contamination by earwax
6 g 1 6 g
SanDisk Cruzer 32 Gb USB memory stick (HFS+) (AW 2009)
  • contains an encrypted backup of my files for emergency access
11 g 1 11 g
UDisk 2 Gb USB memory stick (FAT) (SS 2009)
  • used for transfer and storage of work-related files (press kits, images, etc.)
9 g 1 9 g
Petzl Tikka Plus compact 4-LED headlamp (SS 2006)
  • in camp, hotel or any other place without light
  • repairing the bike at night
  • lighting the insides of Campagnolo brifters to aim the inner cable
  • signaling device at night
45 g 1 45 g
Rechargeable NiMH AAA battery (1000 mAh) – VARTA Professional   13 g 3 39 g
Eagle Creek Comfort Eye Shades (SS 2008)
  • partially simulates darkness for better sleep or rest
  • works great with my big nose
  • isolates from distracting environments in camp, train, etc.
17 g 1 17 g
Moldex Pocket-Pak
  • earplugs container
6 g 1 6 g
Moldex memory foam ergonomic earplugs (35 dB average, NRR 33), pair
  • allows better work, rest or sleep conditions despite the sound of traffic, children, talking, engines, etc.
1 g 2 2 g
BiC M10 Clic retractable ball point pen
  • note-taking and drawing when impossible to use the iPhone
  • my favorite writing pen, have them everywhere
7 g 1 7 g
Staedtler Lumocolor permanent sharpie size F
  • to mark adjustments and repairs on the bike
  • create signs (“don’t wake me up”, “need a ride”)
8 g 1 8 g
A4 blank paper
  • folded in 4
5 g 2 10 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 32 x 15,5 cm
  • waterproof, transparent, compact, ultralight container for the paper objects I need to keep (tickets, reservations, receipts for accounting, etc.) and blank A4 sheets
16 g 1 16 g
apartment keys   2 g 1 2 g
Granite Gear Hiker Wallet (SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sil-nylon, one-compartment wallet for cash
  • I pay with a VISA debit card whenever possible, but some countries, like Germany, require cash to pay in restaurants, campsites, food markets…
10 g 1 10 g
  • local currency
  • usually no more than a 50 EUR equivalent
60 g 1 60 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 32 x 15,5 cm
  • waterproof, transparent, compact, ultralight garbage bin
16 g 1 16 g
Sub-totals 734 g

2.3 / Rear panniers – Items – Leave in panniers

8 783 g
  • non-essential stuff if stolen

Shower, creams, laundry, insect repellant, shaving, sunglasses storage, water purification

MSR PackTowl Original (92% viscose 8% polypropylene) high porosity 30 cm x 22 cm (SS 2004)
  • to wipe off spills and rain drops
22 g 1 22 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • contains the PackTowl even if it’s wet, although I generally dry it on the bike
6 g 1 6 g
MSR Packtowl Personal (85% polyester 15% nylon) high porosity, soft, anti-microbial, face size (SS 2006)
  • shower towel that, compared to the PackTowl Original, does not stink after multiple use and is softer to the skin
  • to compensate for small size, wipe, wring, then repeat
24 g 1 24 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • contains the PackTowl even if it’s wet, although I generally dry it on the bike
6 g 1 6 g
netted shower puff / scrub
  • creates foam with just a few drops of shower gel
  • scrubs off sweat, dirt and dead cells
39 g 1 39 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 32 x 15,5 cm
  • contains the scrub even if it’s wet, although I generally dry it on the bike
16 g 1 16 g
phial of universal shower gel / hair shampoo
  • I generally buy the full-sized version, pour it into the phial and offer the remainder to someone
  • Adidas Hair & Body is an example
70 g 1 70 g
Mennen Stick deodorant
  • not an antiperspirant
  • does not contain aluminum
105 g 1 105 g
ASSOS chamois cream empty phial (sample size)   18 g 1 18 g
ASSOS chamois cream
  • reduces friction, keeps skin cooler, prevents inflammation, kills bacteria
  • 1 g per day
30 g 1 30 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 32 x 15,5 cm
  • redundant spill prevention for the gel and creams
16 g 1 16 g
ASSOS laundry mesh for machine wash
  • protects cycling short’s Lycra from washing machine abrasion
13 g 1 13 g
liquid detergent container   8 g 1 8 g
liquid detergent
  • less aggressive for high-tech clothing
30 g 1 30 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • redundant spill prevention
6 g 1 6 g
La Roche-Posay Anthelios 20 SPF extreme fluid 50 ml
  • the least oily suncream I could find
65 g 1 65 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • suncream bottle tends to become greasy after use
  • redundant spill prevention
6 g 1 6 g
McNett Anti Bite mosquito repellent Bio formula 60 ml   75 g 1 75 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • redundant spill prevention
6 g 1 6 g
Philips QT4045 beard trimmer without comb (AW 2009)
  • I stopped shaving in the end of 2009
  • now I only trim my beard to 1 mm, once a week
  • a lot better for my skin, faster, cleaner
  • this particular beard trimmer contains a vacuum cleaner which sucks the cut hair into a storage compartment – the hands and the floor remain clean, perfect for travel
  • fully charged battery lasts for months
190 g 1 190 g
Philips QT4045 beard trimmer charger   112 g 1 112 g
Tesa Velcro Cable Manager, Small, 12 mm x 20 cm (SS 2010)   2 g 1 2 g
Braun electric shaver dry cleaning brush   2 g 1 2 g
Gillette Turbo II razor with cut handle
  • I shave my armpits as soon as the hair grows longer than 2 mm
  • amazing reduction of stench (even the Russian army soldiers use this trick)
  • I use the foam created by the shower gel instead of dedicated shaving foam
  • the handle is cut just enough to hold with 2 fingers, no need for extra bulk
20 g 1 20 g
Gillette Turbo II blade
  • I’ve tried cheaper blades without aloe vera etc, but the more expensive blades shave better
1 g 2 2 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • contains wet shaver
6 g 1 6 g
Rudy Project Freeon LE8211 transparent lens (SS 2005)
  • for riding in overcast weather, at dusk and at night
  • eye-protection from wind, insects
13 g 1 13 g
Rudy Project lens wrap (SS 2005)
  • protects the lens from scratches when stored inside the sunglasses case
5 g 1 5 g
Rudy Project sunglasses cloth / pouch (SS 2009)
  • contains the sunglasses when they are not worn (usually when riding in the rain, or walking around under overcast skies or at night)
9 g 1 9 g
carbon-imbued microfiber lens cloth
  • effective to clean greasy, stained lenses
4 g 1 4 g
Rudy Project sunglasses case (AW 2003)
  • very tough yet compact
85 g 1 85 g
AquaMira part A and part B filled in 2 micro bottles with mixing cap
  • inert components to create a chlorine dioxide water purification liquid
  • same as used in municipal tap water filtration systems
  • kills bacteria, viruses and protozoa
  • improves taste
  • road cycling generally means drinking water is easy to get, so I carry just a bit of AquaMira more for exceptional situations
31 g 1 31 g
cheesecloth for water pre-filtration to eliminate debris
  • water in wells or reservoirs often contains dead leaves, small branches, insects, etc.
8 g 1 8 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm   6 g 1 6 g
Granite Gear Air Zip sack size XXS (SS 2004 & SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sil-nylon, water-repellent, flat, zippered bag for frequent access
28 g 1 28 g
Sub-totals 1 084 g

Clothing – wind protection

Montane Featherlight Velo Pertex Microlight windhsirt size M (SS 2009)
  • ultralight, hoodless, full-zipper jacket that eliminates wind chill
  • much more breathable than a rain jacket
  • extremely versatile for body temperature control
  • cycling specific cut and design with vents
  • does not create loud flapping noise at speed
  • high visibility red
132 g 1 132 g
Sub-totals 132 g

Clothing – rain protection – torso

Montane Stormrider eVENT rain jacket (AW 2008)
  • worn in the rain
  • eVENT remains the most breathable water-proof fabric available
  • cycling specific cut and design with vents, no hood
  • high-visibility fluorescent yellow-green
311 g 1 311 g
Granite Gear Air Bag #1 11,5 x 7 x 26 cm (SS 2010)
  • sil-nylon, ultralight, water-repellent, cuboid stuff sack
13 g 1 13 g
Sub-totals 324 g

Clothing – rain protection – head

Outdoor Research Revel Pertex Shield DS rain cap (SS 2010)
  • worn in the rain
  • water-proof, breathable, seam-taped, baseball hat that fits under my helmet
  • allows full range of motion for the head and maximum field of view, unlike a rain jacket’s hood – important for situational awareness
  • the brim creates a rain-free zone for better vision
50 g 1 50 g
Sub-totals 50 g

Clothing – rain protection – legs

pair of Shimano PRO Endure H2O Shoe Cover rain overshoes size XXL (SS 2010)
  • worn when the road is wet or when it rains hard
  • keeps cycling shoes clean, dry and comfy, without overheating in summer
103 g 1 103 g
Montane eVENT Air Pants, size M (SS 2005)
  • worn in hard or cold rain
  • minimalist, ultralight, very breathable eVENT rain pants
  • each leg zips up to the knee
  • stretch panels on the knees
230 g 1 230 g
Granite Gear Air Pair MD 14,5 x 8 x 32 cm (SS 2010)
  • sil-nylon, ultralight, water-repellent, partitioned cuboid stuff sack; to separate the dirty overshoes from cleaner pants
19 g 1 19 g
Sub-totals 352 g

Clothing – cycling spares, accessory insulation, civilized

Mavic Espoir cycling jersey size M (SS 2009)
  • remaining stink-free is important in the civilized world
  • when hand-washed and hand-wringed, this jersey does not dry sufficiently through the night to ride in the morning, so I wash and dry one while I wear the other
178 g 1 178 g
pair of Patagonia Ultra Lightweight Endurance Ankle socks size L (SS 2008)
  • worn while the other pair dries
26 g 1 26 g
pair of Outdoor Research Omni gloves in Polartec Wind Pro, size L (AW 2004)
  • worn in camp or for sleep if very cold
  • wind-resistant, soft, very dexterous gloves
60 g 1 60 g
The North Face Vector Beanie in Polartec Power Shield (AW 2003)
  • worn in camp or for sleep if very cold
  • wind-proof, water-repellent, ultralight and compact hat
31 g 1 31 g
Patagonia Merino 1 long sleeve size M 2009
  • excellent civilized top in sober, uniform color
  • extremely odor-resistant
  • sufficiently thin for summer temperatures up to +30° C
  • sleeves can be rolled up or down to adjust the body temperature
  • doubles as an additional insulation layer over the cycling jersey
  • can be worn for sleep in low temperatures
122 g 1 122 g
Patagonia Capilene lightweight briefs size S (SS 2010)
  • thin, quick-drying polyester
  • one is reserved for “no-shower” nights to wear inside the sleeping bag and avoid contamination by sweat and chamois cream, the other is for civilized wear
49 g 2 98 g
Eider Siral pants size XS in DrycoreStretch (SS 2010)
  • minimal, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, nylon, stretchy pants that look good in the city environment
  • preformed knees
352 g 1 352 g
Granite Gear Air Bag #3 16,5 x 9 x 34 cm (SS 2010)
  • for clean clothes
20 g 1 20 g
Granite Gear Air Bag #3 16,5 x 9 x 34 cm (SS 2010)
  • for dirty clothes
20 g 1 20 g
Sub-totals 907 g

Clothing – core insulation

Patagonia Micro Puff pullover, Polarguard Delta synthetic insulation (SS 2006)
  • wind-proof, water-repellent pullover that insulates even when wet
  • once, a drenching-wet Micro Puff has saved my life from hypothermia in the Alps
  • very high insulation-to-weight ratio, especially compared to fleece
  • I can wear it down to +5° C with just 1 layer of Merino 1 wool
  • can be worn inside the sleeping bag if really cold
  • durable, continuous filament synthetic insulation allows frequent compression
310 g 1 310 g
custom Patagonia Micro Puff stuff sack   8 g 1 8 g
Sub-totals 318 g

Walking shoes huaraches running sandals (SS 2010)
  • walking in-camp
  • showering at less-than-sterile campsites
  • city-walking
  • very comfortable, custom fit that allows running
  • relaxes and vents feet that have spent the day in cycling shoes
  • extremely lightweight and compact
  • fast to put on or off, no tying necessary
  • do not soak up in the rain
  • I can wear them down to +5° C when moving
212 g 1 212 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 32 x 15,5 cm
  • stores the sandals even if they are wet and dirty
16 g 1 16 g
Sub-totals 228 g

Sleep – ground sheet, mattress

Tyvek (55 g / m2) NeoAir sleeping pad size Large ground sheet (210 x 74 cm)
  • ultralight and very tough material to protect the sleeping mattress from dirt and punctures
88 g 1 88 g
Thermarest NeoAir Large (AW 2009)
  • the most comfortable and most compact ultralight sleeping pad I have ever slept on
  • insulates even when sleeping on concrete at 0° C
  • size large for extra width (size regular is too narrow: even though I’m not broad-shouldered, my arms tend to fall off the mat)
480 g 1 480 g
Granite Gear Air Bag #3 16,5 x 9 x 34 cm (SS 2010)
  • sil-nylon, ultralight, water-repellent, cuboid stuff sack
20 g 1 20 g
Sub-totals 588 g

Sleep – bivy

Integral Designs Crysallis eVENT bivy long, fully SeamGripped (AW 2004)
  • I prefer a bivy over any other type of shelter for stealth: I can sleep beside the road, hiding in the high grass, without anyone seeing me
  • in many countries, bivouacking is not considered “camping” and therefore better tolerated in restricted areas
  • eVENT remains the most breathable water-proof fabric available, which reduces condensation inside the bivy, even when fully zipped
  • this particular bivy opens down to the waist but still allows full mosquito net coverage
  • the bivy goes on top of the sleeping pad, so I can turn, lift my knees or feet, sit upright…
820 g 1 820 g
Granite Gear Air Bag #3 16,5 x 9 x 34 cm (SS 2010)
  • sil-nylon, ultralight, water-repellent, cuboid stuff sack
20 g 1 20 g
Sub-totals 840 g

Sleep – sleeping bag

The North Face Scorpio +5° C / +40° F (EN13537 comf +8° C), Primaloft Infinity synthetic insulation, full-length zipper, size regular sleeping bag (SS 2010)
  • a highly compressible, continuous filament, high-loft synthetic insulation sleeping bag that tolerates moisture, both from the inside (sweat) and from the outside (high humidity in rainy weather)
  • more user-friendly than a down bag
  • I’m a cold sleeper, so I choose this bag for night temperatures around 10° C and an occasional drop to 0° C compensated by wearing insulation clothing (see above)
  • a full-length zipper allows to use the bag as a blanket for warmer nights
883 g 1 883 g
Granite Gear Air Compressor size XS (SS 2010)
  • sil-nylon, ultralight, water-repellent, cuboid compression stuff sack
63 g 1 63 g
Sub-totals 946 g

Sleep – pillow

Thermarest Compressible Pillow size small (SS 2010)
  • a luxury item
198 g 1 198 g
Sub-totals 198 g

Water in and out

Nalgene Cantene 1,5 L wide mouth (SS 2004)
  • supplemental water container (in camp, very dry stretches)
  • folded and very compact when empty
  • ultralight
  • clear-colored
  • easy to clean
  • unaffected by boiling water or ice
  • BPA free
66 g 1 66 g
Nalgene Cantene 1,5 L wide mouth (SS 2004)
  • pee-bottle for in-camp use
66 g 1 66 g
Sub-totals 132 g

Folded bike shoulder bag (intermodal transport, storage)

custom Bike Friday PRP shoulder bag in Dyneema gridstop (designed by Jean-Christophe LEBEAU and Anatoly IVANOV)
  • conceals and carries the folded bike
  • allows travel in trains, buses, cars (taxies, friends, hitchhiking) without anyone knowing there’s a bike inside (no bike fees or reservations)
  • bike shoes and helmet go inside the bag
  • I carry the bike bag on one shoulder and the 2 panniers on the other shoulder
  • ultralight, very compact when empty
  • Dyneema fiber is stronger than steel
398 g 1 398 g
child sock to cover greased stem   10 g 1 10 g
child sock to cover greased headset   10 g 1 10 g
custom aluminum chainwheel teeth protector (designed by Anatoly IVANOV)
  • prevents the chain wheel teeth to rip through the bag fabric
25 g 1 25 g
Tesa Velcro Cable Manager, 10 mm x 20 cm (SS 2010) for holding the chainwheel protector   1 g 3 3 g
Tesa Velcro Cable Manager, 10 mm x 60 cm (SS 2010) for preventing crank movement   3 g 3 9 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • to contain oily chainwheel teeth protector and Velcro
6 g 1 6 g
Granite Gear Air Bag #3 16,5 x 9 x 34 cm (SS 2010)
  • sill-nylon, ultralight, water-repellent, cuboid stuff sack
20 g 1 20 g
Sub-totals 481 g


Photo: current Anatoly IVANOV’s folded Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro (folds the same with rack; prepared to fit inside custom shoulder carrying bag: cranks immobilized, chainwheel teeth covered by aluminum protector, exposed greased headset parts covered with kid’s socks)


Photo: Jean-Christophe LEBEAU and Anatoly IVANOV ultralight 398 g (14 oz) Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro shoulder carrying bag made of Dyneema Cross-Rip Gridstop fabric (fits with rear rack)

Bike lights

Busch & Müller Ixon IQ without batteries and mount (SS 2008)
  • bright enough to see the unlit intercity roads
  • 40 lux at 10 meters
  • wide and uniform illuminated area
  • up to 6 hours of operation in 40 lux mode (25 hours in 10 lux mode)
88 g 1 88 g
Rechargeable NiMH AA battery (2700 mAh) – VARTA Professional
  • uses 4 AA batteries allowing commonality with my rear light and GPS
30 g 4 120 g
Busch & Müller IX-Red LED Rear Light without batteries and mount (SS 2009)
  • wide 260° angle visibility
  • up to 50 hours of operation
32 g 1 32 g
Rechargeable NiMH AA battery (2700 mAh) – GP
  • uses 2 AA batteries allowing commonality with my front light and GPS
30 g 2 60 g
Granite Gear Air Pocket size S (SS 2004 & SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sil-nylon, water-repellent, flat, zippered bag for frequent access
  • stores the lights inside the panniers during the day and thus simplifies bike folding and storage (less items to take off the bike)
  • if lights are wet and dirty, will not contaminate the rest
16 g 1 16 g
Sub-totals 316 g

Bike lock, carrier bungee cord

Abus Cobra loop steel coil cable (8 mm x 185 cm) (AW 2009)
  • A visual trick, an optical illusion. Abus covers their super-tough, super-heavy chains with a characteristic, logo-laden sheath. I use a lightweight, simple and supple coil cable instead of a chain, but retain the protective sheath, so it still looks like an Abus chain lock. Of course, a close inspection reveals the truth: a cable that’s easy to cut with a concealable bolt cutter.
  • the length is needed to secure the mono-tube frame of the Bike Friday and the wheels
273 g 1 273 g
Abus chain protective nylon sheath (185cm) (AW 2009)   130 g 1 130 g
Abus Aqua Safe 70IB padlock (AW 2009)
  • weather-resistant
100 g 1 100 g
MIGROS SportX flat double 60 cm bungee cord with double hooks to attach items to rack (SS 2010)
  • rarely used, mostly for over-sized groceries or items to dry
44 g 1 44 g
Granite Gear Air Bag #1 11,5 x 7 x 26 cm (SS 2010)
  • sil-nylon, ultralight, water-repellent, cuboid stuff sack
  • contains the dirty lock combo
13 g 1 13 g
Sub-totals 560 g

Bike tools

Zefal Xtra Light carbon fiber pump without pressure gauge (SS 2009)
  • very light
  • actually pumps the rear tire to my requirement of 105 PSI (7,24 bar)
55 g 1 55 g
SKS Airchecker electronic tire pressure gauge (AW 2009)
  • a precise way to control tire pressure
44 g 1 44 g
Schwalbe tire lever (AW 2008)   12 g 2 24 g
Rema Tip Top Touring Kit
  • inner tube punctures repair kit
20 g 1 20 g
Park Tool AWS-10 (AW 2008)
  • very comfortable, high-quality combination of 2 mm, 2,5 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm hex Allen wrenches
105 g 1 105 g
Facom 89S.25 T25 Long Torx key with spherical head (AW 2009)
  • “L” shaped tool for Campagnolo brifters’ and brakes’ bolts
18 g 1 18 g
Facom 83SH.8 Allen hex 8 mm long key with spherical head (pedals) (SS 2009)
  • pedal wrench
80 g 1 80 g
generic Allen hex 5 mm “Z” shaped mini-wrench for difficult access
  • for front derailleur cable clamp bolt and rear fender attachment bolt (the Park Tool AWS-10 can’t access these)
14 g 1 14 g
Bike Friday 1 1/4 in headset + 15 mm wrench (SS 2010)
  • headset
  • rear Campagnolo brake
74 g 1 74 g
Facom 113A.4C adjustable wrench (0 to 13 mm) (AW 2008)
  • Tubus rack and Ortlieb panniers hex nuts
65 g 1 65 g
Spokey flat + Philips interchangeable screwdriver (AW 2008)
  • derailleurs adjustment
  • Ortlieb panniers screws
18 g 1 18 g
Park Tool SW-0 spoke wrench (AW 2008)   17 g 1 17 g
Shimano TLHG09 – F700 Capreo Cassette lock ring removal tool (AW 2009)
  • no chain whip needed as I can use the pedals
85 g 1 85 g
Park Tool CT-5 Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool (AW 2009)
  • the lightest chain tool available
77 g 1 77 g
Park Tool MG-1 nitrile rubber mechanic’s glove size M
  • “second-skin”, extremely dexterous gloves
  • slightly textured for grip even when handling greasy parts
  • keeps hands clean: very useful in the field without access to powerful hand detergents and tap water
  • reusable
6 g 6 33 g
zip-tie, 4,5 mm x 16 cm   2 g 4 6 g
Electrical insulation tape, roll
  • similar to “duct tape”, only better
19 g 1 19 g
McNett SeamGrip 7 g mini-tube
  • seals, glues
9 g 1 9 g
Benchmade 556S Mini-Griptilian knife with folding, locking, serrated blade, without belt clip and with attachment ring (AW 2004)
  • high quality steel, remains sharp
  • includes a saw
  • easy unfolding with either hand
  • unfolded, locked blade is as secure and stiff as a non-folding knife
  • great fit for my hand
  • light and compact
71 g 1 71 g
Nokon brake cable liner 1,5 mm x 2 m   11 g 1 11 g
Nokon derailleur cable liner 1,2 mm x 2 m   18 g 1 18 g
Jagwire Hyper inner derailleur cable (stainless steel) 1,1 mm x 2,3 m (Campagnolo)   15 g 1 15 g
Jagwire Hyper inner brake cable (stainless steel) 1,5 mm x 2,3 m (Campagnolo)   23 g 1 23 g
Nokon spare outer cable casing pearls   3 g 1 3 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm   6 g 1 6 g
Campagnolo brake pads, pair   12 g 2 24 g
SRAM PowerLock   5 g 3 15 g
spare spoke 210 mm, average
  • 2 front
  • 2 rear, cassette-side length
  • 2 rear, normal length
6 g 6 36 g
Granite Gear Air Pocket size M (SS 2004 & SS 2010)
  • ultralight, sill-nylon, water-repellent, flat, zippered bag for frequent access
19 g 1 19 g
Sub-totals 1 004 g

Bike cleaning

Park Tool GSC-1 gear Clean Brush (AW 2009)
  • larger and heavier than a toothbrush, but much more efficient to clean the chain and cassette
  • I’ve cleaned my bike in hotels, homes and self-service car washes
30 g 1 30 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 32 x 15,5 cm
  • if brush is dirty and wet, will not contaminate the rest
16 g 1 16 g
Sub-totals 46 g

Bike oil

empty Finish Line Ceramic chain oil semi-transparent squeeze bottle 60 ml   15 g 1 15 g
chain oil 60 ml 60 g 1 60 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 18 x 11,3 cm
  • redundant spill prevention
6 g 1 6 g
Sub-totals 81 g

Bike inner tubes

spare inner tube Schwalbe SV 7A for ETRTO 28-451 tires   98 g 2 196 g
Sub-totals 196 g


1 916 g

En route water and food (amounts vary, maximums given)

dried or fresh fruit
  • dried or fresh pineapple, dates, figs, bananas, apples, raisins, peaches, pears, etc.
  • I eat all the time
600 g 1 600 g
Aloksak durable watertight plastic bag 32 x 15,5 cm   16 g 1 16 g
water inside 1 bottle
  • front bottle holder
650 g 1 650 g
fruit juice (or water if unavailable) inside 1 bottle
  • rear bottle holder
650 g 1 650 g
Sub-totals 1 916 g


935 g

Rack and fenders

Tubus Airy assembly without horns   370 g 1 370 g
Bike Friday front fender including mounting hardware   91 g 1 91 g
Bike Friday rear fender including mounting hardware   103 g 1 103 g
Sub-totals 564 g

Water – frame bottles

Nalgene ATB bottle 22 oz (0,65 L) (SS 2009)
  • unique Tritan cap keeps the drinking spout clean
  • when the cap flips open, the spout opens as well, automatically, no need to pull with the teeth
  • high-visibility green-yellow
  • BPA free
104 g 2 208 g
Sub-totals 208 g


Garmin Dakota 20 (SS 2009) 103 g 1 103 g
Rechargeable NiMH AA battery (2700 mAh) – GP   30 g 2 60 g
Sub-totals 163 g


naked body weight (I’m 1 m 80 cm) 67,0 kg
items worn on body 1,9 kg
Total body weight 68,9 kg
bike without touring accessories 9,9 kg
bike touring accessories (fenders, rack, GPS…) 0,9 kg
Unloaded bike 10,8 kg
rear panniers (with items inside) 11,9 kg
Loaded bike with panniers 22,7 kg
water and food (maximum carried, consumed while riding) 1,9 kg
Load with food and water 13,8 kg
Load with rider, food and water
(max frame allowance for Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro is 90 kg)
82,7 kg
Weight of rider, bike, food and water 93,5 kg



2011-01-04 Added links to items still available on the market.
2010-10-12 First publication.


Linda Gryczan / 2010-10-13 19:39

This is great Anatoly. As a long time fully loaded bicycle tourist, I appreciate hearing how someone else does it in such detail. I see the benefits of focusing on lightweight gear. Also good to know that Sidi makes long narrow shoes, since I need to buy men’s sizes.

Tailwinds & keep the rubber side down.

ANATOLY IVANOV / 2010-10-13 20:32

Thanks Linda!

Yeah, going as light as possible only adds more fun to bike touring. And travel in general.

Concerning the Sidis, the narrow versions are sold only in the US. Although I’m only 600 km from the factory where the shoes are made (Geneva to Venice), I can’t buy them anywhere in Europe!

Win Allred / 2010-10-14 21:28

Thanks for doing this especially the detail you provided. Gave me several ideas.

Miguel Marcos / 2010-10-15 12:37

Good post and very detailed. I like reading how others organize for tours.

A couple of alternatives I’ve settled on:

– Instead of a titanium spork I’ve settled on these little critters:
They’re 5g heavier than the spork you list but multiuse.
– My tshirts are now all wool (Icebreaker, SmartWool, Patagonia, Chocolate Fish, whatever) because the smell factor is dramatically reduced.
– I haven’t weighed it but Muji makes a really light yet reasonably strong folding toothbrush.
– I bring along a Petzl e+LITE at 28g.
– Shoewise, I haven’t tried this on a biking trip but I will next time: Keen Newport Sandals + Sealskinz waterproof socks + (toe clips or Powergrips). This will reduce my shoe/sandal equipment to one item. I’ve already used this for a 2-week (non-bike) trip in India and it worked well. I think Keen has SPD sandals, too.

I like the Sharpie and paper idea for signs.

Also, I don’t shave on long trips. I grew a nice, castaway-look, beard this summer!

And I’ve heard the Etymotics generate a lot of noise when the cable flops back and forth. What’s your experience?

ANATOLY IVANOV / 2010-10-15 15:14

Thanks Win and Miguel,

// Cycling shoes

In my opinion, toe clips, which I use on my Brompton by the way, are nowhere near the direct power transfer provided by stiff cycling shoes and clipless pedals. I’d even choose a carbon-fiber-soled pair of Sidis if they were available in my narrow size. The body to bike interface is crucial for efficiency, so no compromises here for me ;-).

// Etymotic Research headphones

Yes, like any in-ear headphones connected to the ear canal, the hf2 create a “poof” noise when the cable gets pulled or tapped on.

However, I don’t listen to music when I run, bike or climb. I listen to my breathing, the wind… and crazy cars. Music disconnects me from my body and the environment.

Sitting or lying with these headphones does not create the noise.

Glenn Martin / 2010-10-17 03:57

Your list reminds me of the list included in the book “The Complete Walker” written by Colin Fletcher. The book was more about backpacking than walking. Colin included a detailed equipment list with an explanation for each choice. He also wrote a book about his walking trip through the Grand Canyon tittled “The Man who Walked Through Time”.


Miguel Marcos / 2010-10-22 12:01

“The Complete Walker” is a great book and a great read. Colin was a very witty writer and reading the entire book, even topics I wasn’t initially interested in, was an enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

Chase Hensel / 2011-03-21 10:33

Thank you very much. Like others, I find it useful to see what others take. It always helps me realize things I could leave behind. Another good thing we did in New Zealand was to tour for a couple of weeks, then mail home most everything we hadn’t used. We’ve tended to carry two jerseys and 2 pairs of shorts, wearing one set and drying the other on the bike. I’ve been using an S&S coupled bike, but a folder would definitely help w. the intermodal travel

ANATOLY IVANOV / 2011-04-02 20:52

Thanks Chase,

tour for a couple of weeks, then mail home most everything we hadn’t used

Excellent strategy to trim the stuff!



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