I consider design an applied art of arranging image, text and color to communicate a message or facilitate understanding. Design extends to any media: print, web, motion pictures, packaging and information signs.

I subordinate design to a purpose that serves the client: design is goal and user oriented. I tend to build design solutions on information architecture, ethnographic research of user groups and principles of human interaction with computers and paper.

In my designs, I value aesthetics, ergonomics, purity, simplicity, consistency, common sense, minimalism, color, originality and impact. I believe in the convergence of media and work simultaneously on identity, web and print projects.


Although products, services and employees of a company form the core of its brand perception by the public, identity systems contribute immensely to it. Corporate logos, fonts, color schemes, symbols and images play a huge role to establish the company and distinguish it from competition.

I like the challenge of translating the company’s culture, products and services into concise and consistent visual system. My global thinking of an art director, 3 years of business education, and a talent to schematize information into symbols help me to create efficient identity systems from scratch or evolve existing ones.

Identity systems thrive on consistent repetition. I propagate identity elements to all media. Visit a selection of my identity projects and e-mail me for the best solution to your needs.


The experience you offer to the visitors of your site determines whether they stay or leave… and even more important, return. As internet matures, visitors become ever more critical when they evaluate your site, its content, aesthetics, navigation and interaction.

I create web sites that make people’s lives easier. I add emotion, attitude, vision and uniqueness that support your brand. Take a look at some of my award-winning web designs and contact me for a quote.


Print and web complement each other. As an art director and a designer working for both media, I combine on-line and off-line communication in one strong voice. I create print advertising campaigns, brochures, catalogues, reports, and editorial projects to support wide-ranging and persuasive communication. Browse through my print projects and call for an estimate.


I think great design depends on thorough understanding of the client’s needs and industry. I always begin with a detailed analysis of your company and your industry. I can then provide a solution tailored exactly to your business objectives. I conduct research, ask questions and gather a lot of information to clarify your needs.

I tap into 25 years of experience with internet and print to consult and advise. I do not expect you to be a design specialist. I am happy to share and educate so you can make the most informed decisions possible. At the same time, I consider my client as a design team member, an expert in his / her industry and a natural source of ideas. Find out more about my outlook on collaboration.


Strategy and objectives orient aesthetic, functional and technological choices. I work closely with you to evaluate your company’s risks and opportunities. I use my analysis to establish a clear plan of actions to achieve your business objectives.

I translate your goals and my solutions into a finished product using adaptive design processes. Discover some of my work methods.


I create information architecture to bring structure to data: texts, numbers, pictures, products and services. Information architecture concentrates on classification, rearrangement, relationships, abstraction and interdependencies.

I am gifted at spotting patterns in pictures, texts, business challenges and numbers. I am good at understanding the structure underlying seemingly disparate data. I conceptualize and organize information that will be collected, manipulated and communicated, before visual design even starts, whatever the medium.

Although information architecture is most visible as the basis of efficient web sites, I believe information architecture applies to print design as well. Good information architecture adds value to any project.


Successful design blends superior ergonomics with pleasing aesthetics.

I benefit from deep knowledge of end-user habits, usability and readability, on-line or off-line. My knowledge offers me the freedom to either conform to common sense and create intuitive and easy to use web and print designs, or to distort and play around the rules to invent surprising, engaging and original designs. In any case, I always conduct ergonomics user tests to ensure that the concept actually works.

Because I am an artist with a background in painting, I take a refined approach towards design. I believe small details count and stop only when my design appears as close to ideal as possible.

Although I do broadly apply the same characteristic visual approach to all my designs, I build different visual solutions for each project. Each design helps to achieve the particular goals of each project in a unique way.

And because I am a photographer, interaction of photography with type, color and composition is second nature to me. I often shoot pictures specifically for the design project to further distinguish the brand from competition and make a stronger visual impact.

Take a look at my design and photography portfolios and contact me for a quote.


I mix technology with creative process. Most of the time, my technical solutions inspire my visual solutions and vice versa.

I prefer to understand all technical limitations of a medium. Detailed knowledge of technical constraints allows me to transform them into opportunities, maintain absolute control over design and avoid surprises at production time.

I apply my mastery of XHTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript and PHP to code the client-side of a web site. For server-side, database-driven technologies, I call upon my tight network of talented programmers.

My understanding of prepress, color management, trapping, paper mechanics, inks, presses, varnishing, cropping, folding, and stitching affords extra creative freedom. I frequently deal with the prepress people and regularly go on the presses to run a job.


I test early, I test often. Meticulous testing and supreme quality form the base of my work ethic. Read more about my commitment to quality.


Often, a project does not stop after it goes live. You may need to translate it into new languages, incorporate new functionalities or mix on-line and off-line communication.

I offer a large gamut of services: ask me to help you with your various business challenges.


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