Art direction creates the look and feel of visual communication. Art direction conceptualizes, concentrates on the big picture, theme, metaphor and symbol. Art direction supervises the different participants of the creation process.

As an art director I create a concept that unifies disparate messages in one strong voice. Design, photography and text unite in harmony to deliver a clear message. A solid concept leaves stronger memories.


I am not satisfied to execute a predetermined task. I enjoy making a visual statement, on my own or in collaboration with others.

I am gifted at spotting patterns: in pictures, texts, business challenges and numbers. I am good at understanding the structure underlying seemingly unrelated data. I studied 3 years in business school and interned in marketing departments of numerous companies, so I am able to interpret concrete marketing goals into creative approaches that align with the client’s strategy.

I continue to expand my intelligence and culture, the tools to understand and develop creative concepts based on wide-ranging relationships to time, place, culture and group. I constantly deepen my knowledge of diverse disciplines: economics, sociology, psychology, geography, history, literature, mathematics, geometry, chemistry, physics and biology. I perfect my mastery of the 3 languages I think, speak and write in: English, French and Russian. I result from a mix of several cultures: Russian, French, Swiss and American.

I feel comfortable with responsibilities and risk. I like to lead talented people to accomplishment in ever changing and ambiguous environment. People trust my instincts and turn to me for direction. As an art director, I led most projects of the Sylipsi group since 2000.


However, I do not stop at creative ideas. I fulfill them. I like to be involved in the process and to deal with the client, the copywriters, the designers, the programmers and the service bureaus. I do my best to ensure that the end result remains as close to my concept as possible. Often, my experience in photography, branding, print and web design, programming and writing offers me the luxury to do everything myself, including text, photography, design, and code.

Contact me for your next advertising, identity, print or web project.


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