by Anatoly IVANOV


I came across a PR stunt — — that illustrates a point I firmly believe. We, humans, have a physical body problem. And it’s not a postmodern “obese body positivity” problem.

It’s a “people are either over-clothed (men), or under-dressed (women)” problem.

We don’t see each other ‘au naturel’. Men are afraid to wear Speedos. A shirtless woman is frowned upon outside advertising and red carpet events… which are the worst offenders / social norm benders. We hide our flabby, frail bodies in €200 designer tops and high-rise “auto-slimming / stealth cellulite” jeans.

In developed countries — the quality of life everyone on this planet aspires to, even in Islam cultures, although secretly 😋, so everywhere, really, at some point — most of us are twisted and unhealthy about skin color, body fat percentage and muscle mass.

We can’t and should not change our skin color (yeah, thinking of you, Michael… and of you, “make me whiter than white” East Asians 🙄).

But there is — objectively — an optimum for body composition. The ratio of bone to fat to muscle, which contributes to a longer pain-free period of your life. It’s no fun to drag through half of your life on a walker to support your busted joints and depend on insulin injection for your type 2 diabetes.

And yes, optimal body composition is different for males and females. And it is very well researched, and very consensual. Google Scholar Is Your Friend.™

We’re visual creatures, so, in my opinion, we should wear less. All of us. Not just women. I want to see handsome men in great shape in my local supermarket. Not exclusively in the Parisian Marais gyms. And, surprise, women do want to see healthy, strong men as well. But they are too shied out by our society to admit it even to themselves.

Also, barefoot is great for your overpronated / supinated feet. How masochistic should you be to squeeze 26 bones, 30 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments into those Little Shoes with Heels™?

Yes, including dress shoes for men. Have you ever tried searching for a flat, barefoot-like dress shoe? No? Go ahead, I’ll wait. And I’m not talking about the obviously painful high heels for women, especially those with super narrow toe-boxes. 🙄

But wait, what do you say? High heels is sexy? Sure. You know what else is sexy? Smoking. And red wine. And a long list of behavior optimized for a fun, but very, very short, pain-free life.

You may know I practice what I preach, on Zoom calls and film sets. No, I’m not all naked, because… balls. 🙃 But I wear my Patagucci shorts, and that’s it.

Really, let’s get over it. Look at your cat. Look at your dog. Look at the yogis of 5000 years… not much clothing on them, eh?

Let’s get used to seeing the real humans. And not the fabrics. Let’s take care of ourselves. And wear less. And, also, global warming. 😉



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