I always give a custom price for every project. Projects vary in scope, complexity, length and rights usage. I also prefer to know as much as possible about your project, company and needs beforehand, so I can price as precisely and as low as possible. Contact me for a quote.


In most cases, the total price for a project consists of 3 elements:

  1. creative fee
  2. usage rights licensing fee
  3. technical expenses fee


The creative fee compensates my effort to create new, inexisting artwork.

The creative fee applies in the case of assignment photography, art direction, design, copywriting, press articles and digital retouching.

The amount of the creative fee depends on:


In exchange of a fee, I license to you the right to use (reproduce, represent and distribute) my artwork, in a limited way, for a limited time and in a limited geographical space. Read more about licensing in my usage rights primer.

Usage rights licensing fee applies to assignment photography, stock photography, art direction, design, copywriting and press articles.

Usage rights licensing fee is directly proportional to the exposure of the artwork to the public and the benefit it will generate for the client. Several factors influence the exposure and benefit, and thus, the amount of usage rights licensing fee:

Usage rights cannot be sold or transferred without a written agreement. Any spoken agreement is considered void by default. Any uses that are not mentioned in the written agreement are automatically reserved and not authorized. In my case, such a written agreement is the invoice or, for web sites, a detailed contract.

Example 1: I license to you the use of one image of a portrait of a CEO, one time, in one magazine, without exclusivity. The usage rights you license from me do not include anything else. You cannot use the same image in another issue of the magazine, in another magazine, in a press release, on your web site. Unauthorized use is illegal. If you need to use my image elsewhere, please contact me. We will agree on a new price, I will establish a new invoice and I will license additional usage rights to you in written form.

Example 2: You are an art director in an advertising agency and your client once left you a CD-ROM with my images. They told you these were royalty-free images. You used them for their project. Now you want to use the images for another client. Check! They may think they do good to me and to you. They may not understand how usage rights work. The person who gave you the CD-ROM may have never seen my written invoice. Unauthorized use is illegal. Before you use the images, ask to see a written agreement where I state that I license my images as royalty-free. Which I never do.


Technical expenses fee includes anything necessary for the production of the artwork. Technical expenses fees vary between projects and media (photography, design, writing).

// Some of the common photography technical expenses are:

I always work on location, prefer available light and simple equipment. I rarely work with an assistant and favor the fast and light approach. Most often, my only technical expenses are travel, lodging, meals and courier services to send you the CD-ROM and color reference prints. Even on complicated shoots, I tend to work with a small and efficient production team, keeping the costs down.

// Some of the common design technical expenses are:

In addition to design, I propose photography and copywriting services. I offer discounts for long-term, cross-media projects. Enjoy unique photography, text and design, all created specifically for your needs, at a lower cost and with personal attention from me. Take a look at some of my cross-media projects and contact me for a quote.



My prices gradually rise every year. I get better with time. My experience grows. I learn more, improve workflows, invest in better equipment.

However, I always offer special prices for my existing long-term clients.


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