Purchase high quality, archival, fine art prints of my photographs.


I prefer to sell more prints at lower prices and make more people happy. My prints are significantly cheaper than the norm, because I believe contemplation of beauty should remain easily accessible. I reduce my margins and refuse the limited edition concept. Scroll down for more information.

Sizes show actual image size and exclude paper margins. Prices are for unsigned, unmatted and unframed prints. Prices do not include shipping.

ISO Centimeters Inches Worldwide
(no VAT)
European Union (19,6% VAT)
A3 25 cm x 38 cm 10 in x 15 in 60 EUR 75 EUR
  30 cm x 45 cm 12 in x 18 in 90 EUR 110 EUR
A2 40 cm x 60 cm 16 in x 24 in 160 EUR 195 EUR
  50 cm x 75 cm 20 in x 30 in 210 EUR 255 EUR
A1 60 cm x 90 cm 24 in x 35 in 280 EUR 335 EUR
  70 cm x 105 cm 28 in x 41 in 350 EUR 420 EUR
A0 80 cm x 120 cm 31 in x 47 in 400 EUR 480 EUR
  90 cm x 135 cm 35 in x 53 in 510 EUR 610 EUR
  100 cm x 150 cm 39 in x 59 in 610 EUR 730 EUR
  110 cm x 165 cm 43 in x 65 in 750 EUR 900 EUR


I print on Epson 9800 printer to achieve maximum aesthetical and technical quality. The Epson 9800 projects tiny bubbles of ink onto paper surface, creating a dot-free image with impressive color and stunning detail.


I have compared large format prints of the same images I have printed with:

  1. Epson 9800 using Epson UltraChrome K3 inks on Epson glossy paper;
  2. Durst Lambda on conventional silver-based glossy photographic paper.

Side-by-side comparison gives a clear edge to Epson prints:


Epson color prints using Ultrachrome K3 inks last as much as 110 years without noticeable fading. That is more than a lifetime. True archival quality.

Compare that to 60 years for conventional prints on Kodak Endura or Fuji Crystal Archive papers!

You can prolong print life even further with UV-resistant glass or Plexiglas frames.


The plastic and brilliance of glossy paper reflect most of the vivid colors and high-tech aesthetics of my photographs. However, if you prefer, I can print on other papers, such as semi-gloss, matte or uncoated.


Shipping large format matted and framed prints worldwide costs a lot more than shipping a compact paper roll. Therefore, I usually sell unmatted and unframed prints. You can then matt and frame the print at your local framer. Or just tape or staple the print to the wall!

However, I can matt a print, choose a stylish minimalist frame for you and ship the print flat.


All orders are taken by me personally. Prints are custom-made as ordered. I ship them within 2 to 3 weeks.

However, I may be working on a photography, design or writing project far away from my printer. Please forgive me if I cannot print and ship immediately. Inquire by e-mail and phone if you are in a rush.


  1. Select the photographs you would like me to print for you:
    • Type or write down the picture(s) unique identification number(s) found in the page titles of my website.
    • OR
    • Drag and drop the images you like from my website to your e-mail program.
  2. Choose the print sizes.
  3. Decide where the prints should be shipped.
  4. Contact me by e-mail or phone with your selection of photographs, print sizes and shipping address.

I will answer with a price estimate and shipping details, and, once you have accepted it, I will provide you the payment information.


I ask for full payment in advance. You can pay either by major credit cards using PayPal, by bank wire transfer or by French chèque.


I ship worldwide by UPS.


Shipping inside France and the European Union is subject to French 19,6% VAT (Value Added Tax), unless you provide me with the intracommunity VAT number of your business.

Shipping outside the European Union may be subject to your country’s import duties. UPS will ask you to pay these duties and taxes at delivery time or at a later date. UPS may also charge you additional fees for customs clearance.

Import duties, fees, and taxes vary widely from country to country. I have no control over these import charges and cannot predict them accurately. For an estimate, please contact the customs office of your country.


I would love to offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but I am not a big company with deep pockets. I am a one-man show. Archival quality printer, paper and inks are expensive.

However, I would feel really upset if you get stuck with a print you don’t like. So I offer a middle-ground solution.

Ship the print back to me and I will reimburse you 50% of the print price. Please note that I cannot reimburse shipping fees.

If you do not like a print and would prefer to return it, please contact me beforehand for my current address and tell me the best way I can send you your money.


I do not offer limited edition prints for moral and artistic reasons.

Limited edition prints is a series of high quality reproductions of original work of art that are numbered individually with the total number of the reproduction given, e.g. print number 5 of 20 total. Once the edition is printed, no more prints of that original work of art can be produced.

The laws of economics command higher prices for scarcity and lower prices for abundance. Thus, a limited edition print costs much more.

The idea of “limited edition” is a concept borrowed from the world of fine art printmaking. In printmaking, the original work of art is a plate or stone marked on or carved by hand by the artist. This one-of-a-kind plate is then used to “stamp” or transfer the ink to the paper, creating a reproduction. The repetitious process of applying the ink to the stone, wiping off the excess and/or applying the paper to the stone for printing adds scratches to the original image or degrades the carved edges. The more prints are squeezed and then pulled from the printing plate, the more the resulting image suffers from the effects of pressure, abrasion and friction. Editions are limited because the physical materials that create the image are themselves limited. Because printmaking involves a slow process of degradation that occurs incrementally with each successive print, the earliest copies in the sequence of prints are more likely to be pure and flawless. Later copies exhibit the degradations so much that, eventually, the stone or wood block has to be discarded and no longer used. Since one-of-a-kind original is damaged, this ends the edition forever.

Fortunately, the reproduction process of traditional photography, and even more so, of digital photography, do not alter the original negative, transparency or digital file in any way, whatever the quantity of reproductions. Easy, flawless and relatively inexpensive reproduction of the original distinguishes photography from other art forms. Photography is not about the unique original as in painting or sculpture. Photography is about mass reproduction and distribution of the same image.

If the customer perceives photography as a technology that outputs infinite number of inexpensive and flawless prints, it’s hard to justify the high prices similar to that asked for unique paintings and sculptures. So marketing people apply the concept of limited edition of fine art printmaking to photography as a strategy to artificially create product scarcity and boost the prices. They stop the printing machine. On purpose. Without any technical reason. “Only 20 reproductions were printed, it won’t last forever, become one of the few to own one, hurry up and remember, no more new reproductions, ever!” A dishonest way to sell to the customer.

I choose to conduct business in accordance with my moral values of honesty and win-win approach. Besides, I create photographs to communicate and to share the beauty of this world to as many people as possible. So I set no limits on the quantity of my prints. If you want one, I will print it for you.


But some collectors prefer the limited edition concept because of the sense of exclusivity. You may like the idea of having the 1 print out of 20 prints in existence. I understand that it feels great to have something unique in a world of globalized commodity.

So I suggest a solution. Hire me for an assignment. I will create a new, unique, exclusive photograph specially for you. Contact me for one-of-a-kind, custom artwork.


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